Portable Dishwasher Hose Size: A Practical Guide

The inlet hose through which your portable dishwasher receives water supply and the drain hose through which it drains are the most critical components of the unit. All portable dishwasher models have rubber or plastic water supply and drain hoses.

Most dishwasher supply hoses are ¾ inch, and drain hoses are ½ inch in diameter. The sizes vary among all manufacturers and even for separate models.

Note that every dishwasher is different (although most follow the same conventions for hose dimensions); consult the manufacturer’s guide or owner’s manual for the specific hose dimensions. And while even this can be of no avail, you might need to measure it yourself.

Unicouple fittings are also commonly used with portable dishwashers, with two separate hoses for filling and draining water, but with a single connection to the dishwasher.

Typical Portable Dishwasher Hose Sizes

The two hoses in a portable dishwasher supply fresh water and drain away the dirty water. The supply hoses are typically threaded on each end and made of pressure-resistant materials.

Additionally, a booster pump on the water supply may be necessary if pressure is too low, and you must choose the recommended hose dimensions.

The dishwasher drain hoses, typically plastic or rubber, are designed for low-pressure use.

Most dishwashers come with supply and drain hoses. However, if yours doesn’t have them, or you’re looking for a replacement set, you can consult the instruction manual or manufacturer’s guide and purchase the appropriate hoses.

Based on the dishwasher manufacturer and model, the hose sizes may vary.

Here are some hose dimensions for different brands:

BrandInlet Hose SizeOutlet Hose Size
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Portable Dishwasher Hose Sizes

We contacted all manufacturers and included the responses in our table. Nevertheless, their support wasn’t that great and we weren’t able to find all the data yet.

If you have a specific model, please share its dimensions here.

Why Hose Size and Length Matter

The diameter and length of the dishwasher’s water supply and drain hoses are essential for water flow and the correct functioning of the appliance.

Since the dishwasher uses principles of pressure in its operation, it is necessary to ensure the water supply hose is of the recommended diameter and length.

The manufacturer’s guide mentions the recommended water pressure for the dishwasher and the corresponding hose dimensions.

Supply lines with a higher diameter will lead to lower pressure in the machine. This might result in the machine running longer to fill the required water capacity, poor performance, or malfunctioning during the filling.

Once the appliance has received the required water volume, the inlet hose size and water pressure are no longer a concern.

Equally important are the dishwasher’s drain hose size and length.

A drain hose that’s too long could lead to problems like twisting, preventing the correct water flow, and possibly clogging. And a drain hose that’s too short could cause leaks or spills.

Since the drain hose connects to the dishwasher’s drain pump, its diameter is also critical since it determines the amount of water that can flow through the hose.

The recommended drain hose diameter can handle the force of draining water, while anything smaller than that might result in slower draining and even leaks from the dishwasher unit.

Problems with the hose can occur when it is accumulating residues and gets obstructed. In this case, you should clean the portable dishwasher drain hose before buying a new one.

Where To Find Hose Parts for Replacement?

Replacing a portable dishwasher hose is a straightforward process that can typically be accomplished using standard hardware store items. For most people, it’s also the easiest and most cost-effective repair option.

If you require replacement hose parts for your portable dishwasher, here are some places you can find them:

The Brand/Company

There’s no better place to find suitable replacement hose parts than from the company itself for the brand of portable dishwasher you own.

The company will have the required parts even if your model is older. You can contact the company in one of the following ways:

  • Visit their outlet (if there’s one in your area)
  • Call up the customer care number and raise a request
  • Visit their website online and submit a request or check if they have it readily available for purchase

General Hardware Stores

From Ace Hardware and True Value to The Home Depot and Lowe’s, you will likely find a replacement dishwasher hose at home improvement chain outlets. You can also try any general hardware store in your area.

Plumber Stores

Just as with general hardware stores, there’s a good chance that you’ll find replacement hoses in dedicated stores dealing with plumbing parts and supplies. 


There’s nothing that you can’t find online these days. You can find several options for hose replacement on Amazon, Walmart, or other online sites selling such items.

Retail Stores Selling Portable Dishwashers

Enquire at any retail store that sells electrical appliances, including portable dishwashers.

You can check if replacement hoses are available for your brand and model. If not, ask if they can arrange to source it from the company or elsewhere.

Authorized Service Centers

The brand-authorized service centers that help with appliance maintenance and repairs will also have replacement parts. You can call or visit one to check for a replacement hose for your portable dishwasher.

Best Option: It’s better to visit specialty stores (the company’s outlet, hardware, or plumber stores) for expert advice. You can also avoid spending time on research and postal/delivery hassles.


While some portable dishwashers use a unicouple connection, others use separate water inlet and drain hoses. 

Most dishwashers use a ¾” diameter supply and ½” drain hose.

However, the dimensions of the hoses vary slightly among the different manufacturers; it is crucial to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate hose sizes to avoid issues.