How To Service A Tumble Dryer? (And How Often)

With the invention of tumble drying technology, a tough chore like drying wet laundry has now become effortless

However, to continue using the tumble dryer effectively, it is essential to keep it in working order by servicing it regularly. 

Servicing a tumble dryer is not a challenging process. You can accomplish this task just with the help of some simple tools found in every household. 

Here is an easy guide on how to service a tumble dryer at home to avoid functionality issues.

5 Tumble Drying Service Tips

To make sure your tumble dryer runs flawlessly every time you use it, it’s important to follow the below-mentioned tips: 

1. Emptying the Water Container (AFTER Each Use)

The most important and obvious thing you need to keep in mind while using a condensing tumble dryer is to empty the water container after each use. You should not wait to clean it until the next use, because the water could alter and bacteria grow.

Make it a habit to remove dry clothes and empty the container at the same time.

To empty the water container, you’ll have to take the drawer out of the machine. The drawer will either be located at the top or at the bottom of the machine. Pull it out gently and you’ll be able to empty out the water from it.  

2. Cleaning the Lint Filter (Each Use)

The next thing you need to do after each use is to clean the filter. It is usually located in the lower door area and can be removed by simply pulling it upwards. Once you take out the filter, you’ll be able to clean its lint screen by opening it up and taking out the fluff and lint.

The filter position is different for every brand so if you are not able to find your filter, take help from the machine manual.

To deep clean the filter, take a bucket and fill warm water in it. Add some soap and wash your filter in it to get rid of little bits of lint and fluff. Rinse again with plain water and leave it to dry. Once your filter is completely dry, you can put it back in the machine.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to take the lint off your filter.

3. Cleaning the Filter Storage (Once Per Week)

When you take the filter out of the machine, you’ll find a lot of fluff gathered around the filter too. Before you shove your hand inside to clean the fluff, unplug your machine before cleaning. Also, avoid going in if your hands are wet. 

Remove lint with your hands and if there are some tiny bits left, use a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning.

The filter storage area is not spacious enough for a vacuum tube. Thus, it is suggested to use a crevice tool so that it goes right into the groove and removes all the fluff and lint from the desired area. 

If you still see some stubborn bits of dust and fluff, use a damp cloth or surface wipes to clean around the edges and the cavity where the filter sits. Now you can leave the area to dry for a few minutes or use a dry cloth to ensure you’ve got rid of all the moisture. 

4. Cleaning Grill Vents (Once per Week)

Another area on your tumble dryer that needs periodic cleaning is around grill vents. 

A vacuum cleaner attached with a brush is the most helpful tool for cleaning this area. To clean the area properly, you can use another wipe or damp cloth and get rid of all the dust.

5. Cleaning the Condenser Unit (Once Per Month)

The next thing you need to do is to clean the condenser unit. A lot of people skip cleaning this part of their condensing tumble dryers.

You can remove the condenser unit by unlocking it from the sides in most tumble dryers.

Modern condenser dryers are equipped with a heat pump including an extra cycle to reuse hot air. This additional equipment is usually located in the vicinity of the condenser or combined. These installments are often not removable anymore and can’t be cleaned.

There are two different ways of cleaning both the condenser unit and the cavity (if the condenser box can be removed):

Condenser Unit 

Take out all the fluff that is accumulated on the surface. Once that’s done, take a damp cloth or a cleaning wipe and remove the remaining bits of dust. The main challenge is cleaning the condenser unit since most of the fluff will be found inside the condenser. 

Rinse the unit thoroughly using a sprinkler jet. This way, all the lint, and fluff will be washed off. Make sure you allow your condenser unit to dry fully before you put it back into the machine. 


After taking out the unit, you might find some water in the cavity. Make sure you use a cloth to wipe off the water and not use any electric tool like a vacuum cleaner on the wet surface.

Once the area is dry, you can put a radiator brush on the vacuum cleaner and start cleaning out the fluff inside the cavity. A radiator brush is long enough to go through the edges and hard-to-reach areas of your condenser unit. 

To Put It All Together

A well-maintained tumble dryer can easily last for up to 15 years. Don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned tips to make your tumble dryer last longer!

Regular cleaning of the tumble dryer also allows it to work efficiently. This can save a lot of energy and the drying process is much faster.

You might experience some technical issues related to the tumble dryer symbol not showing, door switch, dryer belt, dryer drum, low heat cycle, or high heat setting, which you can get fixed by an electrician or tumble dryer professional near you. 

If your repair cost is more than the actual price of a commercial grade residential dryer, it is suggested that you buy a new one instead of getting your old one repaired.

Especially older models should be replaced by an energy-saving heat pump condenser. The savings will pay out sooner than later making a purchase worth it.

You should watch out for local deals, use internet sales or even buy a (working) second-hand heat pump dryer.